Delco 5300A Transceiver Restoration
(Military designation is AN/PRC-64A)

Portable HF transeiver developed for the CIA in the early 1960's. 3-8Mhz, 5-watts CW, 1.5-watts AM.
Includes provisions for interconnecting with the GRA-71 code-burst unit.

Close up of the hand key

Crystals installed for ham band frequencies

The 5300A used a custom battery providing 28v, 12v, and 4.5v - impossible to find.
This view shows the custom power supply designed to replace the battery.

Custom power supply in place in the battery compartment

Inside view of one of the receiver PC boards

Installed in waterproof case

Army Tech manual which is so full of errors it's almost useless!

Custom power supply schematic

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