My company, Advanced Radio Devices, built these amplifiers in the late 1980's.
Here is what QST said about it in their May, 1989 issue: "Every now and then,
a truly exciting, high-end piece of gear hits the Amateur Radio market. Often
very expensvie (yes, they sold for $5,500), such a product will be owned by
relatively few hams, yet we all dream about having one. Over the years, ...
such products have included the Telrex Big Bertha rotating pole ..."

Completely automatic operation from 1.8 thru 30Mhz with an output of 1500 watts
in all modes. Simply apply excitation at any frequency within this range and the
230A will (in about a second) tune for maximum power out. The control head
may be placed up to 50-feet from the amplifer/power supply cabinet.

Here is the remote control head with custom LCD displays

The control head sitting on top the amplifier/power supply cabinet

Top interior view of the amplifier showing the pair of 3CX800A7's and
motorized bandswitch and capacitors. The power supply is below this deck

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