Bermuda Trip - May, 2010

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The destination!

Our transporation - Falcon 50 Jet

Our group (L-R): Dale Kubly, Gene Cummings (our host); Donna Kubly;
Ty Englehardt; Me; Trish; Carol and Ray Blackstone

Boarding at the General Aviation terminal, Dulles

Falcon 50 cockpit - wonderful!

Heading for Wilmington, NC at 500+ mph

Trish and our ride at the Wilimgton airport

The next photos are of our tour of the Battleship North Carolina in Wilmington

Trish and one of the 16-inch gun turrets.

I finally got someone to take my photo. :-)

Our host, Gene Cummings, and me on the deck of the Battleship

One of four reduction gears - wow!

Gene and myself in one of the 16-in gun turrets

One corner of the machine shop

Ready to board in Wilmington and heading for Bermuda
(needless to say I'm never going to fly commercial again ...)

Interior of the Falcon 50 - very comfortable!

On the way to Bermuda

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