LXX Birthday Party - Oct 9, 2010

Here's the gal who did ALL the work for this party. All I had to do was eat.

Oh boy - cake!

Me and my oldest friend, Bob Brodsky

Squash buddies! (me) David Bacon, Jerry Welch, Jim Ellenberger and Eric Norby

Great Falls and coffee friends: Ralph Apton, Ingrid Meyer, Nauzer Mistry

Coffee and biking friends: Odiorne Beebe, Bud and Joyce Thompson

Nauzer, Bud, and me

Some crazy French guy who crashed the party and me. (Christophe! Move your car ... now)

The Bacon clan: Erin (my co-pilot), Lucia and David

My squash pals who decided to "get down to my level:" David, Jerry, me, Jim and Eric

Our good friends, Laszlo and Elizabeth (who made the most wonderful desserts ever!)

Bob and his wife, Sally; Jim and his wife, Barbara and Anne Deatheridge trying to escape

Wonderful friends Sally and Bob Brodsky

Adelaide (Christophe's wife), Bud, Nauzer and Joyce

Couple of very good squash friends: David and Eric (they both wish they could beat me more often)

Jerry and I have been playing squash for more years than we care to remember. Here he is with his friend, Robyn

Ruth Luper with her friend Fern

Erin and her Mom, Lucia

Mark Goldstein and me

Jerry and Fern with me looking embarrassed after being regaled with "Happy Birthday"

The Mistrys: Nauzer and Kathleen (our photographer). I don't know what Narzer did ...

Jerry (in the background), Karen Levy and Paul Mutino

Quite a spread ... and this was just part of it

Trish and Clementina without whom the party would not have gone nearly as smoothly.

Me (just barely), Trish, Jerry and Robyn

Joyce Thompson and Adelaide Barbey

Ralph Apton (Ralph! What are you choking on?) and Nauzer Mistry. In the background, Christophe and Ingrid.

Hey, thanks for the Party, Trish!!

Okay you guys, knock it off! (The Mistrys and Trish)

I am truly blessed with some amazing friends (and a VERY understanding wife); This was the party of a lifetime!

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