RCA BTA-1R1 AM Transmitter Restoration
(see here for the custom support rack)

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First, the finished product ...

Now the full story ...

Each one weighs HOW much?!

Here comes the BTA-1R1

The BTA-1R1 to the left; BTA-500R on its side
(Compare the sizes to the 1KW BTI amp on the bench!)

The cabinets are the same size; 84 x 34 x 32

Transformers for both (HV, HV choke, Mod, Mod reactor); misc

The following few photos are of the BTA-1R1

Rear view of RF deck - stripped of most components

Front view showing disassembly

RF tank coils disassembled and ready for silver plating

HV Diode stacks; note the heat discoloration. All resistors test good;
a few diodes are shorted and were replaced with 1N4007's

Modulator feedback ladder

Feedback ladder renewed!

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