My Cars: The Past

My Mom, me and my 1956 Ford Convert; circa 1960

1966 Olds 442 purchased new while at Purdue Univ
(note the W
ØYVA license plate)

1970 Fiat 850 Sypder (850cc)

1972 Corvette 454; Purchased new

My '72 Corvette after a few modifications;
sidepipes, aluminum rims, fiberglass changes to include 1973 side vents.

My first Porsche; a silver 928

Porsche 930 Turbo ... picked up at the Porsche Factory

New Porsches at the factory in Germany

My first Ferrari - a 308GTi

My second Ferrari - a 328GTS

1985 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit purchased new

1985 Ferrari Testarossa - purchased new from a dealer in Georgia.
This was the first year for the Testarossa; note the knockoff wheels
and lack of passenger side rear view mirror.

Showing off at a car show ...

My Rolls Silver Spirit and Ferrari Testarossa

L to R: Porsche 928 (my second); Porsche 930 Turbo; Rolls Silver Spirit

Rolls Royce and my second 928

Suzuki (4-wheel drive)
Later I purchased a new Chev Tracker - almost identical - for use in snow and rain

2003 Ferrari 360 Spyder ... after a 3-year wait!


Where's the track?

1993 Ferrari 512TR - my all time favorite car

My newest ... Ferrari F430 F1


The Ferrari garage

Cars 2012: 512TR, F430, Envoy, Smart Car (we like red)

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