Hallicrafters SX-88 Receiver

Gear/dial assembly removed from radio

Gear assembly cleaned - now to find a replacement belt!

Chassis disassembled, cleaned, and drying in the sun

Chassis parts painted

Finished chassis parts painted or clear coated

Refinished tuning capacitor enclosure and cover

Restoration is in the details: Polished tube shields and bottom plate marked
with component designations for ease in alignment (the factory should have done this!)

Cleaning in process ...

Cleaning progresses ... the two IF cans in the foreground were removed and repaired.

The next few photos show chassis cleaning; assembly complete.

Cabinet refinished - waiting for the receiver!

This view shows how the support brackets were refinished then clear coated.

Dial assembly back in place - next step is front panel assembly

The receiver was extremely noisy (with no signal). Troubleshooting indicated problems
in the IF subassembly (naturally, since this item is the hardest to remove in the receiver).
EVERY capacitor was leaky and had to be replaced.

Bottom view of reworked IF subassembly; New capacitors, a few new resistors, new
input and output coax cables and all new interconnect wires. Ready to install.

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