*** STATIONS ***

Like so many, I keep changing things...
CE 100V in the foreground; KW-1/75A-4/HRO-500/312A-1 for AM;
On the desk is a CX-11A used with an Alpha 77SX (rear view shown, with
a pair of Bird wattmeters on top); Collins S-line and antenna tuners.

I now am the happy owner of Signal/Ones' two best
efforts; the MilSpec 1030 (on the left) and the CX-11A (on the right).
The Collins S3 line is on the second shelf. Not shown are the amplifiers;
a 30S-1 for the S-line and a Alpha 77Sx/Dx for the Sig/Ones.

Desk: ARD 230 Amplifiers - DDS-2A - Keyers - SM-3 microphone - HRO-500
row: Rockwell 312B-4 and KWM-2A - Signal/One CX-11A - 30L-1
Middle row: Antenna/tower/rotator controls - 32S-3A - 75S-3C - 312B-4

Top row: 30L-1 - Magnum Six - "Collins" antenna tuner- DL-1 - KW matchbox

KW-1 and 75A-4 AM Station

The Golddust corner! KWS-1 - 312A-1 (302C-1 on top) - EV664 - 75A-4

My wife said I should have a photo with me in it ... so ...

Another view of the Golddust corner with our "watch cat"

An example of a late '50's station - 75A-4 and CE 100V. Great fun!

CE station - 100V/MM-2/600L amplifier

Drake Station - C-4/MN-2000/L-4B/T-4XC/R-4C/MN-4/AC-4

Amplifier corner; Alpha 77Sx/Collins 30S-1 & 12Z/KW-1/75A-4/HRO-500

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