How to make your own Collins "weighted tuning knob"
Alert: All purists - do not read any further. :-)

After watching Collins weighted knobs selling for $100+ and knowing how nice they feel
(I have one on my KWM-2A), I wanted weighted knobs for my other S-line pieces but didn't want to spend a few hundred dollars. So the only solution - make 'em myself.

Parts list:
    Epoxy adhesive
    4 shotgun shells (#6 shot)
    1 pc ½" copper coupling cut to 7/16" length
    A couple of inches of 5/32" heat shrink tubing

1. Back out the two setscrews and carefully insert lengths of heat shrink tubing into the setscrew holes and over the heads of the protruding setscrews. The length of the tubing should be such that it's flush with the outer edge of the knob. This is necessary so that we can tighten the setscrews later!

2. Place the length of copper coupling over the center raised boss until it rests on top of the heat shrink tubing.

3. Carefully (!!!) cut open the shotgun shells and empty the shot. (Dispose of the remaining shell bodies properly). Fill the void in the knob with shot.

4. Mix epoxy and carefully apply over the top of the shot. Use two coats.

That's it … you have a weighted knob that weighs within .2 oz of the "real thing" and at a cost of about $5.

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