These pictures document the installation of a pair of HyTowers that will be phased
for 160 and 80 meters. Phasing network is from ArraySolutions.

The two assembled HyTowers

Digging a couple of 3 x 3 x 3 ft holes is harder than you might think!

The HyTower insulated base in place ready for concrete

Ham Radio is hard work! Hi.

Here I am with two of my friends, Steve (center) and Christophe (right) who, after
considerable negotiations agreed to assist with the concrete.
(Just kidding ... this job would have been impossible without their help!

Christophe: I'm telling you for the last time it is NOT level ...!

A familiar site during any tower installation ....

One of the two holes just after pouring.

#1 ready for connection ground rods (6 around each base)

#2 ready for connection to ground rods

The essential tool for installing ground rods! (Note the adpater)

Steve, quit pushing - I think it's plumb!

Tower #1 in place (what you see hanging down from the top of the tower
is part of the 160-meter Inverted "L")

Tower #2 in place!

Here you see both towers (66-feet apart). The guy's seen in front
are part of my HF rotating tower configuration.

... to be continued ... next is the phasing network and radials ...

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