Iceland-Switzerland Trip - August, 2010

This was a 13-day trip that took us from home to --> Chicago --> Goose Bay, Labrador -->
Iceland --> Geneva, Switzerland --> Lenk, Switzerland and back.

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Monday, 8/9/10: The Falcon 50 Jet that we will be traveling in to Iceland and Switzerland is still
snug in its immaculate hanger. Robert never misses a photo op.

The Falcon 10 we used in our previous trip to Bermuda

Been up since 4:15AM so how about stowing the camera so I can take a nap?

Leaving Waukegan ... CRT display on plane

Landing in Goose Bay, Labrador

8/9/10: Our first stop on the trip - Goose Bay, Labrador. Gene made a great landing. He was
under great pressure since his mother was a passenger.

8/9/10: Goose Bay, Labrador to top off fuel before the trans-Atlantic flight. It was windy and
chilly. The FBO had really wonderful goodies and great coffee.

Just outside the terminal at Goose Bay - refueling the Falcon 50.

Note Trish's inappropriate dress ... jacket and sandals. Ha.

8/9/10: In the background, Gene and Ty. In the foreground, Joanna and Robert. All enjoying
the hospitality of Irving Aviation FBO at Goose Bay.

Ty (L)and Mike (R) (two of the pilots) with Robert at Goose Bay FBO. Mrs. Cummings is on the left in the background.

Mike (one of the pilots) patiently waiting for the gang to reboard.

8/9/10: A beautiful cloud formation somewhere between Goose Bay, Labrador and Reykjavik, Iceland.
The straight formations are jet contrails.

8/9/10: First view of Iceland!

View of cloudy Iceland through the plane's window - mountains and coastline.

Final approach to Reykjavik Airport. We entered clouds at about 1500 feet and broke out at 900 feet.

8/9/10: Airport Reykjavik, Iceland, Birk Aviation (FBO). Trish waiting for customs personnel and the
rental cars. Enjoying a great cup of coffee.

Robert is deciding how to make up the five hours lost between Chicago and Reykjavik!

View from our room at Reykjavik Hilton - taken at about 10:30pm - it never got dark overnight.

Only an electrical engineer would take this picture. It's actually a wonderful idea - insert your room key card to
turn on the lights in the room. Lights turn off when you take your room key card with you when leaving.

Nine stories of circular staircase at the Reykjavik Hilton

Just a few miles from Reykjavik. Taken from our moving car - starkly beautiful landscape

On the way from Reykjavik to the Blue Lagoon. Looks like the surface of the moon. Locally it's called "moonscape."

Blue Lagoon entrance

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