Johnson 500 Power Supply - Modulator Restoration

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Reassembly begins on newly plated chassis

Wiring harness (with relays) and connectors installed

Modulator sockets in place and "test fit" of HV filter capacitor assembly

Chokes (HV, LV, bias) in place

Start of wiring for (rewound) power transformer and chokes

HV rectifier socket assembly installed; wiring continues

HV filter capacitor assembly rebuilt and installed

Closeup of HV, Screen, and Modulated HV connectors

Original HV relay was defective; this shows replacement configuration (original relay not obtainable)

All sockets in place; HV interlock and modulation transformer spark gap installed

Power transformer and large screen dropping resistors in place

Top of chassis complete except for the large HV transformer; initial testing begins ...

Completed ...!

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