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With only 150 manufactured in the 1950's, this is one difficult transmitter to find!
After searching for quite a long time I finally talked Jeff May, WØXV, into selling me his #105.
Naturally I had to make the standard promises - give it a good home; treat it right!
Although this KW-1 is in exceptional condition I wanted to take the time to "make it perfect."
These photos will chronicle my progress ... and the final result.

First step was getting this monster (600+ pounds!) shipped from Jeff's QTH to me!
It was carefully wrapped in bubble pack; surrounded by insulation; then crated.

Here it is ... survived the shipping with no problems.
Now to disassemble and do a complete restoration!

A "before" picture of the audio decks.

RF deck partially disassembled - getting ready to remove and replace the
"yellowed" Mhz dial drum and Khz dial. Gear trains will also be cleaned.

Low Pass filter ass'y - before and after

I hope I can get it back together .... !

Power and Modulation transformers after repainting.

Audio deck after cleaning and just before transformer removal for new paint

Transformers painted - reassembly in process

Audio deck completed - ready to install - view from rear

Audio deck completed - ready to install - view from front

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