Hey! You wanna wear that camera?

Don't try anything funny ...

Ah, a new chair. It's mine!

Love these WARM amplifiers

I don't care how much it's worth or if I get it full of hair

Go sit somewhere else

Rest time!

I know you're in there

Look alikes - the panther and the cat

Who's prettier, me or those flowers? You need to ask?

Do NOT bother me ...!

Get that camera out of my face!

Go away - you can play with your radio some other time.

What's the problem? There's plenty of room in here.

Ahhh ... the sun

Yea, well maybe this USED to be your bed.


Make the bed later ... I'm busy ...

Yes, I KNOW I'm prettier than the flowers

Just give me 10 more minutes

I am the mistress of all I survey!

No need to say it, I know I'm cute

Picture perfect!

Ahhh ... sun!

Vacuum this spot later.

You're getting sleepy .....

Nice radios ... mind if I get cat hair all over them?

Hey, if you need a drink you take what you can get ...

If I had a thumb I could open this door and ....

All right, just WHO is this cat in the photos?

I love this heated pad!

March, 2011

Hunting; 6/2011

Ahh ... water!

June, 2011

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