P-326 Russian Receiver

This receiver is a work of art! VERY heavy duty. 1-20MHz with a very clever "projection"
frequency readout. Two speed tuning dial. Continuous selectivity from 300hz to 6Khz.
Audio out is 600-ohms. Utilizes 19 miniature tubes with wire leads. The receiver can be
powered from an external AC supply (see below) or from NiCd battery packs. One
interesting curiosity ... no volume control, only IF gain.

Front panel after cleaning and replacing the Antenna connector with a common SO-239.
Amazingly the hole pattern was identical to the original connector.

A separate power supply is used. Note the massive heat sink on the top of the PS.

Some interior views follow. Everything is housed is aluminum castings!
You can see some of the miniature tubes in this view.

Tuning capacitor surrounded by another massive casting.

Rear view of chassis

View showing how heavy the support castings are - this receiver is not a light-weight!

Rotating bandswitch sections

Tuning for the continuous bandwidth control.
Two geared variable caps synthesize a differential arrangement

P-326 with front cover in place

P-326 power supply after cleaning and painting

Front panel controls:
(1) Scale illumination on/off - (2) Antenna connector - (3) ?? (4) IF gain - (5) 600-ohm audio
(6) Ground - (7) 600-ohm audio - (8) Selectivity (300-6Khz) - (9) Bandswitch
(10) 2-speed main tuning - (11) Mode select, AM/CW, variable BFO/CW, fixed BFO/"correction"

(12) AGC, Off/AM/CW-SSB - (13) BFO adjust - (14) BFO calibrate - (15) BFO scale
(16, two places) Dial and oscillator adjusters - (17) Khz dial

This switch selects one of two lamps that illuminate the Khz dial (very clever!)

This switch selects AUX - OFF - AC on

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