PRC-1 Restoration

This radio was used by US Military Intelligence for clandestine operations in Europe. Contrary to some literature the PRC-1 was NOT used by the OSS. They did obtain several units for evaluation but were not used operationally due to its power needs and the fact that a single unit made concealment and transporting difficult. It weighs 32 pounds and is 18 x 13 x 17 (approx). transmitter is a 6V6 oscillator/driver and 807 final. Receiver uses 6SG7, 6SA7, 6SK7, 6SL7, 6J5. Coverage is 2-5 & 5-12Mhz. 30 watts CW.

First a number of "as-received" photos ...
Aluminum frame to "fit" suitcase, transceiver at bottom, power supply top center,
spares storage upper right, headphones, mic storage at upper left.

Storage compartment

Spares insert as received ...
Spares insert after rebuilding ...

Closeup of receiver tuning dial

Suitcase with transceiver removed. Note power supply plug and asbestos (!) used between
final tube (807) and wooden bottom of suitcase.

Power supply and transceiver removed

Empty suitcase in bad shape. I suspect this suitcase will be discarded and an
equivalent manufactured.

Bottom of suitcase - ouch!

Aluminum frame that holds transceiver, power supply and storage pouches.

A complete spare set of tubes and fuses are included.

Top view of transceiver

Bottom view of transceiver

End view of transceiver

Top view of power supply

Inside view of power supply

Bottom view of power supply

Schematic glued to inside top of suitcase lid

Schematic after cleanup. It's difficult to take a good photo ...
(Thanks to Ray Satina of

Completed photos - Overall view in metal frame

Closeup of transmitter section

Closeup of receiver section

Closeup of power supply

Custom made replacement suitcase

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