RAL-7 Receiver Restoration

The RAL-7 is a work of art; absolutely beautiful construction. Used by the USN for ship-shore communications.
It's a TRF design and amazingly sensitive. A monster that could not be built today. :-)
0.3 to 23MHz in 9 bands. Photos taken after LOTS of cleaning and restoration efforts.

Good looking, right?

VERY high quality construction

The beautiful tuning capacitor and it's worm-gear drive within a machined aluminum casting!

One of the many nicely wound coils without its cover

Every coil in the receiver is covered by a threaded (!) deep-drawn aluminum cover.

High quality everything - no compression trimmers in this radio!

Original antenna connector - mate is 'unobtainium'
Original connector replaced with common SO-239

Cabinet - before refinishing


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