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This is my SAL-30 (Shared Apex Loop) antenna for 160/80 meter receiving. It is a wonderful low-noise antenna for LF.

It is on loan from my friend, Al, W7AL, who said I could use it until I catch him on 160. I quickly worked >100 counties but have a bit to go to meet Al's total.

The mast is 34-ft tall with 4 large 'loops.' Don't believe the manual that states the antenna can be installed by 2 people! It takes at least 5 and 6 is better!

Amateur Radio WØYVA

Ham Shack Pictures
Collins Radio Lore & other (sort of) true Stories


Finally ... after 54 years! --->

WØYVA Hamshack's

Current hamshack configurations - Previous hamshack configurations

Big Iron: Collins KW-1's and 30K Transmitters

KW-1 restorations: #7 - #34 - #54 - #92 - #99 -#105 - #143
Listen to an audio clip of KW-1, #105 (recorded by Paul, WA3VJB)

Restoration of Collins 30K, Serial #11 - The VERY rare Collins KW-1P Power Meter

Antennas at WØYVA

Rotating Tower Installation - Phased Vertical Installation - 10m Monster Beam Installation

Collins ATS-1 - Never heard of it? Take a look.
Build your own Collins weighted tuning knob!
Rebuilding the Central Electronics 100V/200V VFO
Homebrew High-Power Balanced Antenna Tuner


75S-3B - 32S-3 - 30S-1 - 30L-1 - 32S-3A - 75S-3C - 312B-4 - 75A-4 - KWS-1
KWS-1 - 51S-1- KWM-2A - 312B-5 - 180S-1 - 312A-1 - 51J-4 32V-2 -12Z - 62S-1
Signal/One CX-11A; MilSpec 1030 - ARD 230A Amplifier - Miller AT-2500 - Alpha Amplifiers (77's)
National HRO-500 and accessories - Central Electronics (100V, 200V, 600L) - Squires-Sanders
Rockwell-Collins: KWM-2A; 312B-4; 516F-2 - Other Stuff (Drake, Johnson, National)

Accessories - The Shop

Restoration and Projects
Alpha 77Sx Amplifier
Altec 250SU Mixer Console
B&W 5100-B Transmitter
BTI LK-2000HD Amplifier
Clandestine & Mil HT-1E Village Radio - RBZ Receiver - RS-6 Radio - RS-1 (GRC-109)
URC-64 Transceiver - PRC-25 Transceiver - GRA-71 Code Burst
Delco 5300A Transceiver - P-326 Russian Receiver - Miscellaneous
The "Gibson Girl" - BC-611-F Transceiver - PRC-1 Transceiver
Type 3, Mk II English Transceiver, circa 1942 - SSTR-1 Transceiver
Rycom R1307A/GR VLF Receiver - AN/GRC-9 Transceiver
RBM-5 Receiver & AC Supply - Collins TCS Transmitter/Receiver
BC-348 Receiver
Collins KW-1 #34 - KW-1 #54 - KW-1 -#99 - KW-1 #105 - SC-101 - 30K
ATS-1 - KW-1P - KWS-1 - 212Z-1 Mixer - 212E-1 Console -
212G-1 Console - 30S-1 Amplifier - 32S-3 Transmitter
Central Electronics 100V (#1) 100V (#2)Transmitter - 200V Transmitter MM-2 Scope
600L Amplifier 
Dow Dow Key Rotatable Semi-Automatic Key
Drake 2-B Receiver - L-4B Linear Amplifier
Eldico TV-1TV Transmitter - TR-75-TV Transmitter
General Radio 1931-A Modulation Monitor (RCA version) 
Gonset Communicator III 2-meter transceiver, CD version
Hallicrafters HT-18 VFO - HT-20 AM Xmtr - HT-33B Amplifier - HT-32 SSB Xmtr
HT-32B SSB Xmtr - Hurricane Transceiver - SX-28 Receiver
SX-42 Receiver - SX-71 Receiver - SX-73 Receiver
SX-88 Receiver - SX-100 Receiver - SX-101 Receiver
SX-115 Receiver - R-42 Speaker - HA-1 Keyer - SX-99 Receiver
S-76 Receiver - S-19R Receiver - S-19R Receiver #2
SX-62B Receiver  
Hammarlund HQ-215 Receiver - HQ-150 Receiver - HQ-140-X Receiver
PRO-310 Receiver - HX-50A Transmitter 
Heathkit SA-2060A Antenna Tuner - DX-60 Transmitter - HX-10 Transmitter
Henry Radio 8K Ultra Amplifier
Johnson Courier - Viking Ranger I - Desk KW - Viking 500 - #122 VFO
Viking 500 (#2) - Viking Ranger II - Viking Ranger II (#2)
Invader 2000 - Thunderbolt Amplifier - Challenger Transmitter
Viking II Transmitter - Navigator Transmitter - Viking Valiant
Adventurer Transmitter - Mobile Transmitter & VFO - Ranger I
Viking 500 Power Supply/Modulator - 6N2 - Power Divider
Lakeshore Phasemaster-II SSB Transmitter 
Lambda Model 28 Power Supply
Lettine Model 240 AM Transmitter
Marantz 4300 Receiver (Audio)


Millen Station

90881 Power Amplifier - 92101 Preamplifier - 90831 Modulator - 90711 VFO
90903 Oscilloscope - 90801 Exciter/Transmitter - 90923 Oscilloscope
90281 High Voltage Supply - 90902 Oscilloscope - 90932 Monitor Scope
Transmitter - 90651 Grid Dip Meter - 92200 Antenna Tuner
Unpacking a NEW 90711 VFO - 90700 Variarm VFO - 90903 #2 Oscilloscope
Morrow Morrow Mobile Twins; MBR-5 & MS-560
National NC-2-40D Receiver; NC-46 Receiver; NCX-1000 Transceiver;
Receiver - HRO-50T Receiver - HRO-60 Receiver - Select-O-Ject
NCL-2000 Linear Amp
Raytheon RR-30 Portable mixer
RCA BTA-1R1 1KW AM Broadcast Transmitter; Support Rack;
RCA BA-6A Limiting Amplifier - RCA BN-17A Remote Amplifier
RCA RAL-7 Receiver
RME 4350 Receiver - 4350 Receiver #2 - 4301 SSB Selector
Rycom R1307 A/GR VLF Receiver
Technical Radio Co T-350XM Transmitter
TMC GPR-90 Receiver - GPT-750 Modulator - Various - PSP-350 PS
Master Oscillator - Master Portable Oscillator - PAL-350 Amp
PAL-1K LV & HV Power Supplies - LV Power Supply #2
SBE-3 SSB Exciter - MMXM-2 Multi-Mode Exciter - GPR-92A Receiver
CV-591A SSB Converter 
Vibroplex Martin Junior 1928 Semi-Automatic key
Western Electric 22D Portable Mixer (Speech Input Equipment)
Westinghouse Vintage Aeriola Sr circa 1920 
World Radio Labs Globe King 400 AM Transmitter - Globe King 500C AM Transmitter 
Miscellaneous RF Attenuator - Meissner Signal Shifter

Overdahill Lunch Bunch (April, 2016)

Clockwise; L to R

Roger, K5VRX
Jim, N3JT
W2YE, Richard
K3GEN, Cam
K4HQK, John
CX1EK/W4, Luis
K3SC, Ron
N4RA, Richard
K3ZO, Fred
K3XA, Bill
W3YY, Bob

I have ONE job ... to protect these rare Signal/One Transceivers!

Sit right back and I will tell you about the history of communication.

Murphy: "Ahhhh ... you gotta love these warm tube-type amplifiers ...."

Desk: Heath SC-1000, ARD 230A linear's, 312B-4, DDS-2A, KWM-2A, Sig/One CX-11A, 30L-1, HRO-500
Middle: Antenna switching and control, 2-m packett, 32S-3A, 75S-3C, 312B-4
Top: 30L-1, Magnum Six, Antenna control, ATS-1, DL-1, Johnson KW matchbox

KW-1, Serial #105

The "big guys" - restored Collins KW-1 and 30K

The Amplifier Corner of the shack ...
Alpha 77Dx, Collins 30S-1, ARD 230A's (control heads)

AM operating position...
75A-4, 312A-1, 75A-1, 32V-2, 302-C1, CE MM-2, 270G-2, Alpha 77Sx

Vintage AM/SSB operating position: 75A-4, 100V, MM-2, 600L Linear

Vintage Collins operating position: 312B-4, 30L-1, KWM-2A, DDS-2A, 75S-3C

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