RCA BA-6A Limiting Amplifier Restoration

The following photos show the restoration of two of these amplifiers; Serial #3 and Serial #1621.
As received both were very dirty, both poorly repainted, and both with numerous modifications
and incorrect components. However both are complete!

#3 as received. This is the best chassis (least rust) of the two. Transformers are
correct but electrolytic cans are no longer "plug-in" type.

Bottom of #3; mods are evident (red circles)

Close up of #3. Although this is the best chassis there is still rust as seen here on the
6SK7 sockets. Note also that the rubber grommets have deteriorated.

#3 with the power transformer removed. Recall this is the best chassis but plenty of
rust is still evident. This corner will have to be touched up.

#1621 showing chassis rust. This is hard to repair without repainting the chassis.

Bottom of #1621; mods are evident (red circles)

Top of #1621 showing incorrect power supply choke.

#3 label

#1621 label

The shelves for #3 and #1621; both need refinishing.

#3 complete

#3 complete

Completed photos of #2 (it's actually the same color as the above photo)

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