RS-1 (GRC-109) Radio Restoration

The RS-1 (circa 1950) was used by the CIA for 15-years and by the Army (GRC-109).
The receiver RR-2B or (R-1004) covers 3-24Mhz in three bands;
The transmitter RT-3 (T784)) covers 3-22Mhz in four bands with power out of 10-15 watts.
Two power supplies were available, the PP-2684 (AC/DC) and the PP-2685 (AC)

On the left is the very heavy AC/DC power supply, PP-2684, in the center top to bottom
is the PP-2685 AC power supply, T784 transmitter, RR-2B receiver and on the right top to
bottom is another PP-2685 AC power supply, RT-3 transmitter and R-1004 receiver

GRC-109 R-1004 (left) and RS-1 RR-2B receivers; identical except for nameplates

GRC-109 T784 (left) and RT-3 transmitters; idential except for the addition
of a connector on the T784 for interfacing the AN/GRA-71 Burst-Coder

PP-2685 power supply showing some of the original selenium rectifiers

Seleniums replaced with 1N4007's and new electrolytics

Completed AC Power Supply, PP-2685

Interior of completed receiver

Refurbished receiver enclosure showing schematic diagram

Completed GRC-109 R-1004 Receiver

Testing receiver and AC power supply

Receiver in its refurbished enclosure

Inside views of the RS-1 RT-3 transmitter

Testing the RT-3 transmitter

System test - AC power supply, R-1004 receiver, RT-3 transmitter

AC Power supplies (PP-2685)

Inside view of AC/DC power supply (PP-2684)

Enclosure - AC/DC power supply, PP-2684

AC/DC power supply, PP-2684

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