RS-6 Restoration

The RS-6 radio (1951) was developed by the CIA for covert overseas communication.
These sets were also used by the Strategic Air Command (SAC) and included them in their B-52 E&E* kits.
It replaced the earlier and larger RS-1. There are four units; RP-6 power supply,
RR-6 receiver, RT-6 transmitter, RA-6 power adapter/filter. 3-16Mhz, 10-watt transmitter.
* Escape and Evasion

Before photo ...

All four units; restored

First a series of "before" photos ... RP-6 power supply

View showing the giant selenium rectifier used for charging batteries

RP-6 after restoration

RA-6 Assembly - before photos ...

RR-6 Receiver

RT-6 transmitter

Accessory pack

All units in their waterproof covers

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