Building the Heathkit SA-2060A Antenna Tuner

Remember Heathkit? Of course you do! Like me you probably built at least a dozen (or more)
of their kits. What great fun! So when I managed to find an unbuilt SA-2060A how could I NOT
build it? This page chronicles the construction of this kit. Maybe it will bring back memories.

How can a Heathkit sit around for half a century and not get built?

Everything out of the box - hope nothing is missing!

Too bad - the cabinet cover is damaged. Back in the day all I would have to do is call Heath and
a replacement would be on the way at no cost or long wait. Sigh! Those were the days.
In this case I'll have to repair the cover and repaint.

All the parts! Looks like I even get to "build" the variable capacitors. Wonderful.

After being stored for 50+ years all the silver plated pieces were black. Here you see them after polishing.

Construction begins ...

Start of variable capacitor assembly - both rotors complete.

Start of stator assembly - unfortunately one of the fifty plates is missing so one of the capacitors
will have slightly less than maximum capacitance.

One of the two capacitors completed.

The two capacitors assembled and ready to install

Completed rotary inductor

Building the balun


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