The Shop

It's a mess but I know where everything is.

Metal working area - brake, shear, etc

Diacro 5-ton punch press - VERY handy!

An area for working on the "big stuff." Note the Johnson Desk KW chassis ...

View showing media blast cabinet

H-P 410B Voltmeter - H-P 410C Voltmeter - H-P 8601A Sweep Generator
H-P 8557A Spectrum Analyzer - H-P 5328A Counter - Tektronix 2246 Oscilloscope
H-P 3455A Voltmeter - H-P 3400A RMS Voltmeter - H-P 201B Audio Generator
Sprague TO-6A Capacitor Tester - Heath SP-2717A Lab Power Supply
B&K 830 Capacitance Meter - Wavetek 111 Audio Generator - Fluke 8010A Multimeter
Simpson 260, 269 Multimeters - Bird 43 Wattmeters

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