High-Power Balanced Tuner

A balanced-tuner is very simple; three components! For a homebrew project it is great
fun to "fancy it up" a bit. In my case, I added forward and reflected power meters,
a relay to select two pairs of coil taps and a vacuum variable capacitor.

Chassis assembly using .063 aluminum sheet, 1/4 x 1/4 square stock drilled & tapped.
The rails are offset by 1/8 for the lucite cover to be added.

Showing chassis construction with 1/4 x 1/4 square stock and angle stock.

Test fitting of the large variable capacitor.

Test fitting of the turns counter dial for the vacuum variable.

Component test fitting of all major components.
Note the timing belt drive for the vacuum variable.

The relay is used to select two tap settings on the coil.

Chassis complete ready for prep and paint.

Chassis painted ready for assembly

Test fit of plexiglass dust cover

Assembly begins!

Front panel complete

All components in place; note the Bird dual matching section

The jack is for external meters

Comploete with Lexan cover in place

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