Village Radio Restoration

The "Village Radio Program" was sponsored by the CIA during the Vietnam conflict. The purpose was to provide simple radios to the local civilians, so that they could inform officials of Viet Cong activities. The radios were built under contract with Radio Industries (a subsidiary of Hallicrafters, purchased in 1963).

The case is made of a piece of extruded aluminum, with a cap-plate on each end. The bottom plate covers the battery compartment, which contains 8 "D" cells. The radio operates from 30-40Mhz, AM, crystal-controlled on a single channel, with a power output of 0.5 watts. Input power is 12 VDC, 0.18 amps (transmit). Several versions were made, including the HT-1A through HT-1E.

Overall side view with antenna partially extended

Showing carrying handle and pouch with earpiece for silent listening

Removal clip inside top of battery compartment

Chassis partially out of case

Circuit board. The white circles show the location of xmit and receive crystals

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